Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A High School Teacher Unravels an Assessment Conundrum

Recently, the challenges of combining objective and subjective assessments has been of interest to me. The following article will be a free publication in the Education Newsletter this year. Headquartered at the university of Oregon, Professor emeritus Dr. Robert Sylwester is the editor, to whom I am greatly indebted, for his guidance in developing this article for publication. My hope is that it will generate discussion around educational reform. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have thoughts or questions you would like to share.


John PW Hudson 




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John PW Hudson is a retired teacher with an exciting new book out called "Pathways Between Eastern and Western Education" published by Information Age Publishing in Charlotte, North Carolina, a highly respected and responsive publisher of timely and authoritative educational books. 
To order your copy of "Pathways,"  please set your browser to http://infoagepub.com/index.php?id=9&p=p4a14ae0f60985 and relax at their easy-to-follow ordering page. Delivery is reliable and secure.
"Pathways Between Eastern and Western Education" describes education from a global perspective. Mr. Hudson brings clarity to the aims, purposes and functions of educational systems in the East and West, and makes surprising new definitions of learning and teaching that help readers better understand how and why teaching and learning strategies succeed or fail. Packed with anecdotes and insightful observations, Hudson makes bold statements intended to challenge our assumptions and expose us to different ways of thinking about education, whether we are Western or Eastern educators. Hudson does not intend this book to be a new blueprint for education; rather, it is an stimulating book which enables educators from around the world to explore possibilities for improvement of the systems and beliefs they already have. 'To agree or disagree with what I have written,' Hudson says, 'is the purpose of this book: to stimulate thought, kindle discussion and debate, and to reignite the passion to seek better ways to educate. I also fully appreciate the challenges of teaching and have written this book to be picked up from time to time to revisit the 'big picture' and celebrate your professional growth and personal satisfaction.' 
Mr. Hudson is available for consultation or presentations on educational topics to a variety of audiences anywhere in the world. To contact Mr. Hudson, send an email to jhudson@sd38.bc.ca or visit the guestbook below!
("Pathways" is currently being translated. It is hoped a Mandarin version will be available soon!)


          TABLE of CONTENTS

Acknowledgments & Preface

Chapter 1 The Educational Landscape

Chapter 2 Truth

Chapter 3 Differentiated Assessment

Chapter 4 Differentiated Curriculum

Chapter 5 Differentiated Learning

Chapter 6 The Learners

Chapter  7 Differentiated Instruction

Chapter 8 The Teachers

Chapter 9 The Profession of Teaching

Chapter 10 Classroom Management

Chapter 11 The Classroom

Chapter 12 Governance and Leadership

Chapter 13 Implementation

Chapter 14 The Parents

Chapter 15 Conclusions



A Sample Anecdotal Report

B Sample Term Preview